Evaluation Question 7

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During the early stages of my media course I completed a preliminary task. As I was completely new to the concept of film making and editing, these were set out to teach the importance of and get us to practise the 180 degree rule match on action and shot reverse shot when we were filming. In the preliminary task a lot of my footage is out of focus. From this task I learnt the importance of proper focusing and lighting in creating atmosphere. This task provided good practise in continuity editing but i soon learn that when filming my opening, many of the shots used for continuity video were not needed in the piece.

I have branched out since my beginning task in terms of post production in outlets such as sound a titles. In my preliminary task I used only dialogue and non diegetic music to add effect effect to my scene. The music I chose was not very fitting for the piece. I have now learnt how to fit music that is more appropriate to the piece of film to build tension and create a better atmosphere. In my film opening I used an instrumental piece from YouTube which built tension in my opening.

Since the early stages my confidence in programs like After Effects has increased significantly; as my final film opening required title to fit in within the conventions. I first practiced adding titles to a scene of Mission Impossible III, Lord of the Rings and Serenity. I chose these films so that I could experiment with different types of fonts that I could use in my opening. Previous to this, I had created a title timeline of a film titles. This was extremely helpful to me when planning my sequence of titles. I used the timeline as a template and odered it in a very similar way

We were assigned a mundane task where we filmed a boring routine from many different camera angles to make it look more interesting. This was when I began to experiment with different camera angles and their effects. As can be seen in my first 2 filming tasks, there are very few camera angles featured and the camera seems to remain on one plane throughout and without any motion. In comparison to my final opening the difference in camera movement is large. Also, in my film opening I have used a lot more freehand camera movements and gimbal shots as opposed to using a tripod. I found that using free hand provides a lot more creative flexibility.

As a media student, I have developed my skills since the beginning of the course and this has helped to improve the quality of my product up to a point that I am proud.


Evaluation Question 6



I used many different types of equipment and programmes throughout the process of constructing my product, which have helped me develop many new technology skills.

I used a canon 1100D camera to film my footage, and after doing test exercises with this camera to prepare me for my actual filming I learnt I could adjust the aperture to control how much light was let into my footage. This proved useful in my filming as I adjusted the aperture to create a loss of focus throughout my footage.

I used additional equipment such as a GoPro Gimbal to create steady fast paced shots, for example when running alongside Rosie. However I deliberately chose not to use the gimbal in other moments of my film, as I wanted to create more unstable shots.

A key programme I also used throughout the construction of my product was Adobe Premiere Pro which I have used throughout to edit shots together to my liking. I also used the GoPro app, Quik, which allowed me to take the fish eye out of my videos and create a more natural shot.

In my construction I also used After Effects and Adobe Bridge to create my titles, which was very useful as it allowed me to choose a variety of different fonts to suit my film and a variety of different effects for example fading in and out. I used after effects to create my ident: placed at the beginning of my film opening. For this I followed a tutorial from YouTube, which was very helpful as it provided step-by-step instructions.

I also used an online sites such as Vimeo and a WordPress blog. I created a Vimeo account to upload my videos and the embedded them into my work so they could be viewed more easily.


I started my research by looking into different film openings, I did this by using art of the title and vimeo, this allowed me to look up thriller films easily, I took screen shots of the title so that I would be able to use the ideas when making my final film and added these to a pages document in the order that they came up.

In adobe Premier Pro learnt how to edit clips together to my liking, i did this in my mundane task and when making the genre film. I learnt how to use the 180 rule, which is when two characters in a scene should maintain the same left/right relationship to one another.

Originally i was going to use After Effect to overlay my video so that they merged together however this was extremely difficult as when filming you had to have everything in line and similar places. Even though I didn’t use this method, it was really interesting learning how to put the videos together.

In the construction of my film, I also used ‘after effects’ to create my titles, which was very useful as it allowed me to choose a variety of different fonts to suit my film and a variety of different effects for example searching for the letters. I also used after effects to create my ident: placed at the beginning of my film opening and another one in the middle. I really enjoyed making these Ident’s as it was completing new to me, so made a few more. For this I followed a tutorial from video co pilot, which was very helpful as it provided step-by-step instructions.

Evaluation Question 5


To evaluate the way in which I addressed my target audience, I can firstly look back on my target audience survey and interview. After analysing the results on Prezi it was clear that the typical convention of a thriller film was to have an outdoor location. I used this in my film, filming all of my videos in St Catharines woods.

Another reason I chose to use outdoor locations as suggested in my target audience survey was to create a mysterious setting, which will keep the audience on the edge of their seat, which is typical in a thriller film genre. Therefore I used a dark woods to address this expectation similar to the lighting and location used in another thriller film: Lovely Bones.

Another expectation that became clear through my target audience survey was the main protagonist being similarly aged female to the audience. I addressed this by casting Rosie as the 16 year old female lead, thus also attracting my audience, as most felt a similar aged female protagonist ‘would be easier to relate to’.

Evaluation Question 4

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I have decided to make the target audience for my film typical to that of most thriller so that more people will be attracted to watch my film firstly because of its genre. I will be aiming my product at a young adult audience from the ages of 15-25. I think that this is the best way to make my film a success as this is the prime age for any customer of films, especially thriller and action.

To make my film content applicable and interesting to viewers I made a survey using survey monkey to question my target audience who had previous interest in thriller films on what thy would expect to see in an opening; this was useful as I was able to receive first hand feedback and this helped to make my idea more concise. It also gave me some good idea on who to cast in my film and where to fill the bulk of the scenes.

The results I got back suggested I used a mixture of adult male/female police officer along with a younger female actor. For location; the woods or a cityscape. I advertised my survey on Facebook to make it more accessible to more people. I then used the website Prezi to analyse my results and this was useful in visually pulling ideas and concepts together to give an even clearer image of what I wanted to do in my opening

After researching the description behind different age rating on films, I decided to give my film a 12 rating as I wanted to make the audience as broad as possible but to not disturb any younger members of the public with the content. Also the majority of thrillers I have seen have tended to have been within the 12/15 rating. In my target audience survey that I film, I surveyed Chloe who also studies media studies and so knew the conventions I should cover in my film.

I think that I have a strong indication of the target audience for my media product through the surveying. After asking a few older family member I was given the impression that they were less interested in the topics brought up in these films as they found some story line’s could become too complex.

Evaluation Question 3


During my initial research I looked at film companies and their idents. I did this to establish the different roles of film companies such as production companies and distribution companies. I also thought it would be important to look at the genres of films they made and their budgets. I decided create an ident that would represent a thriller to immediately establish genre. I looked at idents such as Icon and Nordisk Films; these idents were bold and easy to read and involved movement which I thought was good in setting the pace for the film that followed.
On the whole the idents were quite generic and didn’t give away the genre of the film unlike idents I saw from companies such as Ted Pictures, who clearly demonstrate the genre of horror. This is most likely due to the considerably smaller budget for companies like this who will solely produce films of 1 genre whereas other bigger firms can branch out slightly in films they chose to produce. Preferably I would use Universal Studios to produce my film.
Universal studios is a film production company which has produced films such as Bourne Ultimatum and Imperium which appeal to the same target audience as my film. It’s large scale and high level of influence makes it the type of film production company I think would be ideally most suited to distributing my film. Because my target audience is young adult most will be interested in watching a film with extensive action scenes and good quality costume, props and CGI. These would only be achieved with a production company with a high budget and extensive expertise in their field. To cater for the needs of the special effects I would ideally enlist the help of a company such as Luma Pictures involved in films such as True Grit to create gripping and realistic CGI. I don’t think that an Independent film company would be my first choice to produce and distribute my film as they often produce films outside of the major film studio system and then sell them on in post production and I feel that I would need to have a good supply of high quality equipment which some of these companies may not have access to. This being said, my film would be coming from an unknown director and may struggle to get noticed by major companies – I would document my film at film festivals like the LA thriller film fest to generate as much interest as possible. Once produced and distributed my film hopefully would generate a fair amount of revenue at the box office and rival other large scale thriller films. If I decided to go down the independent company route I would first use a crowd funding website such as Kick-starter to help fund some of the production costs of the film. The money used from Kickstarter would be used to fund costs of my film such as camera equipment, camera lenses and quality costumes.
I would use a film distribution company such as Warner Brothers or Columbia Pictures as they have previous success on financing thriller films such as American Psycho and Casino Royale. Film distribution companies are in charge of the release of films into the public domain. I think that the commission of a distribution company is crucial for my film as again, as I am an unknown director there would be much more of a need for good quality advertising such as providing trailers and posters of my film to generate interest before its release. It would also boost my films viewings as they would make it available to the public through more mediums such as DVD, pay per view or by online download. I would choose to release my film in major cinemas and later to release it on DVD to generate more money to pay back initial costs and to pay to the production company from ticket sales at the box office. I would then also post exerts of it on a universal broadcasting video website such as Vimeo or Youtube and feature a link which would direct people to purchase a copy of the film if they enjoyed what they had seen. I would use the film distributer Lionsgate Entertainment who have distributed films such as the Hunger Games franchise and Warrior.

Evaluation Question 2

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Early on during the researching process I was able to clearly see that the general social groups displayed in thriller films were a adult male and a younger female, this is shown in films such as ‘Taken’ and Lovely Bones’.

In order to evaluate how social media groups are represented in my product I can firstly look at my main female antagonist, who can be seen to be compared to other female main characters in similar crime films.

For example, my main actor is similar to the main character ‘Lindsey Salmon’ in ‘Lovely Bones’, because of the way they both dress; baggy, old clothes. I did this becuase I wanted it to look like she was running away which is challanging the typical sterotypes. This similarity would help my product to attract a similar audience to that of “Taken’ or “Lovely Bones’, which are both very successful films.

I originally cast my friend, Niamh, as my main character becuase she would fit the role of an innocent girl. However as I got closer to filming, we couldn’t find time to film, so I decided to change actors and use my friend Rosie, as I knew that she would be able to film, and she will also fit the role of an innocent girl.

Evaluation Question 1


Firstly I believe it can be seen that my media product uses traditional formats of the thriller film genre. A key characteristic of the thriller genre is that it relies heavily on the atmosphere and tension created by the characters and the storyline, and these dramatic themes are often taken from real life issues. The audience immediately begin to anticipate what might happen which keeps them intrigued and interested in the storyline. I have followed this pattern in my own media product after choosing to explore the common theme of kidnapping portraying a young 16-year-old girl being kidnapped and chased through the woods. I illustrated this representing the thriller genre, most specifically the idea of increasing tension by using short duration shots and a range of camera angles that link in with the music. I used repetitive music to create the feeling of a downward spiral as the music creates suspense. However I believe my film also develops forms of conventions of a traditional thriller film in the settings it uses. My settings used are all naturalistic (the woods) therefore follow the usual conventions of a thriller film, this can be seen in the film ‘abduction’. Originally for my props I chose to use hand cuffs, a bat and a candle however once I started filming, I decided that it would be to hard to incorporate, so I decided to not use any props.